Gift Us Gold

Winner Announcements 

First of all, we would like to thank all participants of the October Orocal Gold Quartz Pendant giveaway contest. 

Based on the most number of entries, we have been able to determine one pendant winner and three Gift Us Gold $50 gift card winners.

We will have more contests coming for anyone who would like a new shot.

Not all contest will be constructed equally so you may find another one of our contests an even better fit.


Congratulations to

Orocal Gold Quartz Pendant Winner

Raul Rentas


$50 Gift Card Winners

Mikhail Rapoport

Sheryl Jensen

J Pawlitschko


To claim a prize

Orocal Gold Quartz Pendant Prize: Please contact us at from the email that was used during the contest to share shipping address information with our team.

$50 Gift Us Gold Gift Card Prize: Please contact us at from the email that was used during the contest.


Stay tuned...there is more to come... 

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